Being. Together.

The time of year when we gather together over a shared meal is one of my favorites. For our family, Thanksgiving is about just, well, being together for a day. Of course it's fraught with worries over drying out the turkey or over boiling the potatoes, but at the core, we are just celebrating being, together. And eating all the stuffing and pie.

I love the excuse to spend a day simply being, but I wish it wasn't such a rare occasion in our lives. Part of why I love the work of Caro is that it forces me to be present: with my hands, with beautiful fabric, with a pen and paper. Color and craft have always grounded me and helped me find my center. Being knee deep in fabric and ideas for Caro grounds me and keeps me present. In that spirit, I'm sending you all peaceful, present thoughts and hope that you too enjoy the chance to just be for at least a bit this holiday season.