Channeling a colorful self.
I’m so excited about these overalls that I bought second hand, and hand dyed in a flurry of ice dye activity before we had to put the hose away to protect the water line from the coming frosts.

There was a time in my early 20s when I was apparently known to my colleagues and friends as someone who wore snazzy, bright pants on the regular. I remember when I learned that this was how people viewed my wardrobe choices I just laughed. I was just buying what I thought looked cool at the local used clothing store! I’ve never tried to go for a look (a lewk?) as much as I’ve just found clothing I love and put it together and realized that if I love what I’m wearing, other people will respect that and feel the confidence and maybe dare to wear something bright and bold too!

It’s one of my favorite things when people tell me they wore something, or painted a wall a particular color, or chose a bright pillow for their couch because they were thinking of me. That’s what Caro is all about. Spreading the color love, helping people find their inner colorful selves, trying something unexpected, and feeling the confidence in their choices.