My love of color and mixed textiles runs deep. It goes back to painting and sewing projects with my grandmothers in the summers when I was a kid. It evolved out of the annual trip to the fabric store with my mom where we picked cool patterns and fabric to make unique school clothes. It's back there in my dad’s central lesson of my childhood, that it’s OK to make mistakes. It’s rooted in the first section of garden I planted (and never weeded!) when I was 9. And it stemmed from my time living in the high desert in the west, when red dirt and turquoise stones and skies were part of my everyday life.

This all feels like second nature to me, but I recognize that is not the case for many folks. Over the years I have loved sharing the confidence to embrace color with others. Color begets confidence which begets more color! See?

Years ago, a friend and I started a blog called ColOUR, to document our daily encounters with color. Soon enough, friends and blog followers started sending in their own color observations! I found that in seeking out the color in the everyday (which, let’s be honest, can sometimes get kind of mundane), I felt more present and connected with my life and the world around me. What a delight!

Caro is here to bring that delight to your home, or the home of someone you love. How much more mundane can it get than wiping your mouth after a meal? But when done with a beautiful textile, it can be downright joyful.