Why mismatch?

Mismatching is necessary/fun/worth-it for a few reasons.

  1. It’s liberating! One of my favorite things about life is all of its imperfections. I don’t think I’ve ever been a full-on perfectionist, but I hold very high standards for myself and others, and I find the act of letting that go to be so empowering (and TBH sometimes, hard). Just like the handmade goods Caro produces, mismatching really embraces the idea that beauty is in the imperfection.
  2. It’s practical. Ever have that experience of not knowing whose napkin is whose when you sit down for your next meal? Problem solved. Bonus is that kids LOVE to choose their own napkins, and when they make choices, they feel good about themselves, and they are more likely to keep themselves a little tidier at meal times!
  3. It’s joyful. Abundance of color and pattern brings joy. Enough said.