Founded in 2018, Caro creates home textiles rooted in a love of color, pattern, and making things by hand. Caro aims to bring more pops of color into your daily life, and shine a light on the slower process and sturdiness of handmade goods.

All Caro products are sewn in New England. To allow for more variety in colors, patterns, and creativity in our collections, we produce limited-run batches of each product and print. We are committed to using organic fabrics and eliminating textile waste in our production process.


Photo of Caroline Damon
Caroline Damon was raised by generations of sewers and makers who celebrated the beauty and imperfections of handmade goods. She founded Caro to share her love of color and pattern, and to help others experience the playfulness and mindfulness that comes with making bold(er) color choices. Caroline’s inspiration comes from the Vermont landscape where she lives.